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What types of things will not likely be agreed to? Generally, any décor/aesthetic modifications are unlikely to be agreed to by a landlord.

Examples of these modifications are: + Changes to paint colour in a room + Changes to soft furnishings i.e. Curtains, blinds

+ Changes to furniture – this includes removing furniture and/or changing furniture + Changes to bulbs – if the included bulbs are in working order they will not be changed + Changes to floor coverings

How do I know what I am agreeing to? The day you view the property is the best time to see what you are agreeing to take.

The way that the property is viewed is the way it will be handed over. This is where the term “let as seen” come from. At your viewing speak with your consultant about anything you are unsure of. If they know the answer they will explain to you and if they do not know they can speak with the agent/landlord for clarification .

What about cleaning? Dwellworks will request that the property be professionally cleaned before you move in. Sometimes this is agreed to, sometimes it is not. If a professional clean is agreed to: + Please make sure that you check the property thoroughly on the day you move in and that if you are unhappy with the cleaning that you tell the agent before they leave. + It is likely that you will have to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy at your own cost. If a professional clean is not agreed to: + Usually, the property will have been thoroughly cleaned, but not professionally. + It is likely that you will not have to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy but will have to clean it thoroughly.

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