Nuances to Ireland Lettings 2024

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Please see below important information regarding property payments in Ireland • The security deposit payment is required for payment immediately on confirmation of new tenant. • A property is not secure until the letting agent/landlord has received the full security deposit payment – with proof of payment or funds having reached their account.

• A lease agreement is drawn up AFTER the security deposit is paid.

• The first month's rent must be paid BEFORE the lease start date.

• Letting agents/landlords will not handover keys of a property until both the security deposit and the first month’s rent have reached their accounts. • In Ireland there is no legal requirement for a landlord to provide a tenant with a lease (otherwise known as a contract or fixed term agreement) neither is there an obligation on a tenant to sign a lease if they do not wish to do so. • Lease agreements are generally signed at Check in by the tenant and then forwarded to the landlord to countersign. • Please note that a break clause has not been a standard in Ireland for the last number of years, we no longer request this as generally the agents would not accept. Please advise if we are to request a Diplomatic break clause in the lease agreement.

• It can take several weeks to get back a fully signed lease agreement.

• The fully signed agreement will be sent to the tenant by post generally.

• In most instances it is required to pay the security deposit and first month’s rent to the property agent. The ongoing rent is paid to the landlord.

The above guidance applies to leases in the name of a private individual or a corporate entity.

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