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Values Focused Priorities 2023-2024 Environment, Social & Governance Impact Report

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Dwellworks is a privately held company owned by our executive and leadership team and TZP Group, a private equity firm with an Impact Investing advisory team. While we have no legal or regulatory requirement to report on Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, we believe the ESG framework is intrinsic to and aligned with our core values. Statements in this report may be forward-looking; these statements are based on Dwellworks management’s current assumptions and expectations. As times and objectives change, the results, goals, and commitments may be adjusted to reflect these changes and any potential risksor uncertainties. Terminology Throughout this report and consistent with global standards of environmental reporting, greenhouse gas emissions are expressed as GHG and in tonnes or metric tons. Registered on the UN Global Compact Platform Dwellworks supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is registered on the UNSDG Platform. Dwellworks is enrolled in the UN Global Compact , the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. Our commitments to UNGC requirements are available via our annually updated and publicly accessible Communication on Progress (CoP). Evaluated by EcoVadis Dwellworks ESG program is evaluated annually by EcoVadis.

About This Report



Evolving Requirements, Consistent Values

The conversation about ESG continues to evolve, but our commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives remains grounded as it has been from the beginning in our core values and our accountability to stakeholders. Dwellworks has always closely engaged with our clients, customers, associates, supply chain, and investors, as well as with regulatory agencies, the communities where we work and live, and the world we operate in. It’s how we became the trusted global leader for destination services and a disruptor in global temporary living solutions. And it’s how we’ve earned the accolade we’re most proud of, a Top Workplace for our associates. New stakeholder requirements are a positive indicator of our dynamic business environment, one where we’re all interested in a better, more satisfying future. As a company whose leading value is integrity, we have always been committed to fair practice and fair social policies. Sustainability was in our DNA long before we began measuring our carbon footprint. As for governance, our good outcomes come from a solid foundation in smart hires and great people, compliance, risk mitigation, business controls, and awareness of opportunity. We embrace the principles and purpose of our environmental and social actions, but our results happen because we are a well-run company that has its priorities straight. Two years ago, companies and employees around the world were excited by the end of the global pandemic and the opportunity to travel, move, and connect in person again. Global talent travel and mobility surged, and dormant systems and capacity were stretched. Last year employers were more conservative, reacting to concerns about inflation and potential recession, slowing down global mobility activity generally. The slowdown became an opportunity for us to invest in our systems, processes and talent, reinforcing the infrastructure and sustainable mindset that will be needed for the coming changes in mobility and business travel.



As a company whose first value is integrity, we’re committed to the principles and purpose of our ESG initiatives. “

We’re proud of our team’s results. Here are few notable achievements covered in this report: • 98.3% customer approval rating – validating our investments in people, process, and inclusion • Approval of our net-zero emissions goals by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) • Recognition of Dwellworks as a Top Workplace • Continued diversity in our leadership and associate ranks, with 70%+ of our team identifying as women, and a senior team that includes 60% diverse representation • $50,000 PTO benefit available to support our employees’ passion for volunteerism • Contributions to progress in sustainability through the Coalition for Greener Mobility • Managing our carbon footprint by managing our office footprint, contributing to an estimated 53% reduction in Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions since 2021 In 2024, we’re excited to continue to convert planning into actions with increasingly measurable results. Our AI and Operational Excellence investments will make our operations more efficient and decrease our carbon footprint while expanding opportunities for our associates in their areas of expertise and interest. As we update our websites and digital content, we’ll continue to ensure they meet WCAG standards. We’ll champion the launch effort in developing the first scientifically validated carbon calculator for the temporary living industry and we’ll continue to diversify and enrich our talent working in partnership with the Upward Mobility initiative. ESG is embedded in how we work and why we are a beneficiary of the momentum of our clients, partners, customers, investors, and team towards companies that are both competitive and compassionate. We thank all of our stakeholders

Dwellworks Leadership team (from left to right): Bob Rosing, CEO; Kara Black, CFO; Shana Zollar, CHRO; James Conigliaro, COO; and Jim Smith, CIO

for your partnership in our shared progress. Let us know your thoughts and feedback.

Bob Rosing, CEO, Dwellworks



2007 Founded

3,500 Corporate Housing Partners 310 Global Associates

600k Customers Served

About Dwellworks

1,100 Global Destination Consultants

Dwellworks is a leading provider of destination related and temporary living services for the globally mobile workforce. Through our Destination Services, Temporary Living, and Real Estate Brokerage brands, we provide unique customer experiences and differentiated relocation and business travel services to emerging businesses and over 80% of the Fortune 1000.

Our Elements of Engagement: Be Accountable – do what you say, say what you do Be Collaborative – listen, connect, engage Be Fearless – embrace change, innovate Be Passionate – believe in what you do, live to make an impact Be Respectful – appreciate differences, cultivate trust Be the Experience!

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ESG is a structure for stakeholders to understand non-financial measures. Over the past 3+ years, stakeholder expectations for ESG have evolved in scope and expanded in requirements. While some commentators question the purpose of ESG, Dwellworks is not focused on the terminology or media debate – we’re focused on stakeholder requirements and the effective extension of our core values, which have always included respect and inclusion, business sustainability, and good governance. We act on those core value through a facts-and-data based approach. It’s why we earned SBTi approval for our emissions reduction goals, why we review our Inclusion Committee’s recommendations for non-profit donations through Charity Navigator and, why we require annual training in data security, HR practices, and business controls, so our team and network partners understand and participate in the connection between values, compliance, and results Our stakeholders are right to expect demonstrated progress in issues impacting people and the planet, just as they are right to expect us to be a well-run operation that invests intelligently, pushes for innovation, demonstrates growth and profitability, and leads by example. Taking all those expectations into account, we remain focused on our core approach to ESG, while appropriately adjusting specific actions.

ESG is Evoling; Our Commitment to Stakeholders Hasn’t Changed

A Core Approach with Adaptive Actions

Mitigating Risk

Unlocking Value

Relevance Operational Excellence

Community Impact



Our ESG Journey

2009 Renamed Dwellworks. Our new logo reflects home, ocean, sky, and earth. Core Values adopted.


2015 Global Code of Conduct implemented for all associates and suppliers.

2023 Goals: As a partner in Coalition for Greener Mobility, advocate for simplified, accessible standards. Continued progress on strategic priorities.

Implemented Work from Home and virtual service delivery. Expanded into full service corporate housing.

2007 Founded to deliver best-in class outsourced relocation services solutions.


2012 Launched global DS operations to eventually include 17 locations.


Expanded GHG emissions reporting to global operations. Enrolled in UNSDG and UN Global Compact. Earned Eco Vadis Silver Medal. Co-Leader- CHPA Sustainability Workgroup. Charter Sponsor – Upward Mobility intern initiative.



Completed all GDPR Requirements. Formed Enterprise Risk Management Committee.

Introduced ESG Initiative and Goals. First GHG emissions analysis. Associate-led Inclusion Committee formed.

Focus on Operational Excellence/AI to simplify processes, decarbonize, and enrich diverse and inclusive service delivery



In line with registering our commitment to the UNSDG, Dwellworks aligned with the following core goals. Access our updated Communication on Progress (CoP) here

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries in a global partnership. Goals are focused on ending poverty, improving health and education, reducing inequality, and spurring economic growth – all while addressing climate change with urgent attention. UN Sustainable Development Goals

Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls 75% of the associates our organization are women and 70% of our management and leadership roles are held by women.

Goal 5 Action

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation The infrastructure of myDwellworks, our single global system, enables consistency and less waste for all users. Locally relevant content responds to expectations for resources that are diversity- and inclusion-sensitive and sustainably conscious. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns Contributors to the Coalition for Greener Mobility, defining the carbon footprint of global mobility and identifying specific opportunities for reducing GHG emissions. Co-Leader of CHPA Sustainability Workgroup – defining, simplifying, and assisting in implementation of sustainable actions for thousands of temporary accommodations providers. Take urgent actions to combat climate change and its impacts Defined realistic goal of 50% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 2030; partnering to establish global standards for carbon footprint of destination services and corporate housing and to reduce Scope 3 emissions through direct supplier action and partnership with clients on policy and practice.

Goal 9 Action

Goal 12 Action

Goal 13 Action



In 2024 we’re undertaking a Materiality Assessment to update our understanding of stakeholder expectations for ESG and to align our priorities and the impact to our business accordingly. Based on feedback and direction from stakeholders we’ve accumulated to date, our survey design and questions will focus on Compliance and Controls, Employee Well Being and Talent Strategies, Environment and Sustainability, and Social Impact. We will report out the assessment analysis later this year, with a complete update in our 2024-2025 ESG Impact Report. Below is a summary of the process we’ll follow in developing our Materiality Assessment.

Updating our Materiality Assessment

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

UPDATE materiality purpose and scope

ANALYZE Industry and ESG benchmarking

IDENTIFY and categorize potential material ESG topics and themes

CREATE survey, supplement with interviews and commentary from stakeholders

REVIEW inputs and draft initial discoveries

CREATE materiality

report to align ESG initiatives with stakeholder expectations




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Environment 2023 36% global reduction in Scope 2 GHG emissions

Launch industry sustainability certification/ adoption initiatives

• Co-leaders CHPA Sustainability Workgroup • Founding member Worldwide ERC® Advisory Council • Subject matter expert contributors – Coalition for Greener Mobility • $10k to Conservation International • Inclusion Committee nominated • Charity Navigator vetted • Donated on behalf of customers • Physical office consolidations yielded 36% reduction in global GHG emissions • Global physical footprint analysis kicked off • Scope 1 and Scope 2 data gathering (non-US) • Sample Scope 3 data gathered (non-US) • Confirmed 2021 as baseline year • Target 5-7% decrease per year • 2022 increase in US kWh usage with HQ office consolidation costs

100% technology hardware recycling and reuse $10K donation to Conservation International on behalf of customers

Fund an annual donation to designated environmental NPO

Define global step-down strategies to achieve 50% GHG reduction globally

15% local destination consultants use low carbon emissions cars 84% corporate housing survey respondents taking sustainable actions

Analyze non-US operations GHG emissions/ kick off 2023 plan

Define and achieve interim GHG emissions reduction vs baseline (US)

• Registered with UN Global Compact • Participants in Coalition for Greener Mobility



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