Belgium Property Payments

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Please see below important information regarding property payments and lease nuances in Belgium:

• Belgian individual landlords are no longer accepting payments from corporations due to tax reasons. Therefore, any monies that would ordinarily be paid by Cartus must be transferred to the assignees account to enable them to make the initial and ongoing rental payments and pay the deposit into a blocked account. In instances where the landlord is a company, payments from corporations may be accepted, however, the delays in setting up the initial payment by Cartus might put the assignee at risk of losing the property he /she wants to secure. • This would also apply to any services ordered, for example, payment for the Expert to attend the property at the end of the tenancy to complete the checkout report. Cleaning invoices should still be sent directly to Cartus for payment if the supplier accepts to be paid by Cartus. • A property is not secure until the letting agent/landlord has received the first month’s rent with proof of payment or funds having reached their account. This payment must be made when the lease is signed. It is crucial to let the EE know that they might need to pay out of their pocket if there is not enough time for Cartus to advance the monies for the first month's rent and charges. • The assignee must open a blocked account in their name and transfer the money for the deposit into the account unless a Letter of Guarantee (LoG) has been accepted. The deposit will be held in the account until they have vacated the property and any dilapidations have been mutually agreed. Any monies to be deducted will be secured from the deposit. The bank will submit a form to be signed by both the landlord and assignee or will inform him/ her about the Blocked account opening when funds are in place. It is ALWAYS required to set up the security deposit in a blocked account of a local financial institution. Occasionally it is required to pay the first month’s rent to the property agent. The ongoing rent is paid to the landlord. • Full Security deposit payment must be in place at the latest 3 days before the check-in date and keys handover. Letting agents/landlords will not handover keys of a property until proof of the deposit payment has been supplied. • Lease agreements are generally signed electronically by the tenant and then forwarded by email to the letting agent/ landlord to countersign. It can take 1 to 2 weeks to receive, by return, a fully signed lease agreement. The fully signed agreement PDF format will be sent to the tenant by email. • Break clauses are not standard in Belgium. Dwellworks do not request this as the agents would not accept. There are legislated standard notice period and penalties for early termination. • Dwellworks will always ask the letting agent/ landlord to provide a lease agreement before payment of any funds. The lease can be signed by both parties prior to the lease start date. • Tenants must have evidence that they have taken out FIRE-WATER insurance prior to the check in. Contents insurance is not compulsory for the tenant unless they rent a FURNISHED apartment.

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