Adobe Intern Community Guide - Boston

EXPLORE NEWTON Newton is a welcoming destination for young professionals, just a short commute to Boston. The city of Newton has several thriving commercial centers, each with its own shops and restaurants. Each of these has a small-town feel yet Newton offers many of the advantages of a larger city: fine dining, excellent recreational facilities, open spaces, and access to public transportation. Visit Piccadilly Square – an open-air shopping and dining marketplace located in Newton Square. CAMBRIDGE Cambridge isn't just one neighborhood; it's a collection of neighborhoods that each offers something different. You can easily walk from any of the commercial centers of Cambridge to another in half an hour or less, although they're all served by the subway lines and/or buses. Cambridge is the home to two of America's greatest universities, the center of scientific research on the East coast, and it's teeming with plenty of shopping and dining options. Check out the local boutiques or head over to CambridgeSide Galleria. Most housing in Cambridge is in apartment buildings (some old, some new) and townhouses (mostly newer). There are also several two- and three-family houses in most neighborhoods in the city. BEACON HILL Beacon Hill proves you can live close to the bustle of the city while still enjoying the comfort of a small community. One of Boston’s oldest and most pedestrian- friendly neighborhoods, Beacon Hill is close to public transportation and only a short walk to Boston’s premier dining and shopping districts like Charles Street. Be sure to check it out Boston Common, one of the oldest parks in the country. Beacon Hill is almost completely residential with small shops and restaurants scattered around the neighborhood. Most homes are newly renovated apartments in the neighborhoods of 200-year-old Brownstones. WELLESLEY Wellesley combines the benefits of being in the suburbs with proximity to outdoor recreational spaces. While parts of Wellesley are easy to walk to, the city does require a car for travel. Many residents also use the commuter rail that has three separate stops in Wellesley. There is plenty of shopping, from major grocery chains to boutique gourmet shops. Wellesley is also just 10 to 15 minutes from the Natick Mall, the Boston area's largest shopping center.

Wellesley's housing stock is a mix of single-family homes, many of which are duplexes or townhouses. There are very few apartment complexes in Wellesley.

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Boston Community Guide

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